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Let's talk about funerals:

 This is a subject that most people prefer not to talk about and it is a topic that is generally left until someone has died.  Adverse publicity about the "Death Care Industry" in the past couple of years has made people more aware of the need to be informed on this subject.

The majority of  people in today's society die without any funeral plans.  Those left to make the decisions are usually unaware of what the deceased would have chosen for his or her funeral and burial arrangements. This can create both an emotional and financial hardship on those placed in the position of making the decisions.
The death of a loved one is, undoubtedly, is one of the most traumatic experiences a person will ever face.  Making funeral arrangements can be overwhelming and grief is numbing.  Clear and rational decisions are difficult to make.  Emotional decisions can be very costly and laden with anxiety and guilt.
When a death occurs, there are over 50 decisions that must be made in the first 24 hours, and many more in the following few days.  The average funeral today costs between $6,000 and $9,000.  Preplanning can help control this expense and make the funeral planning process easier for everyone concerned.
"Let The Choice Be Mine" is a personal guide/workbook for planning your own funeral.  It provides pages of helpful information, instructions, and a place to record your personal wishes and other vital information.  Whether you want something elaborate or something simple, by completing this workbook you can make informed decisions and help create arrangements that will be meaningful to your family.
Every adult should complete this workbook, for their own peace of mind and for the benefit of their family.  It should be a part of your estate planning, life insurance and other important planning guides.
This book turns something people 'think' they should do into something they 'know' they should do and guides them in the proper way to do so.  It is easy to understand and very non-threatening.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

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